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For QROPS, SIPP and investment accounts

FlexMax is a bespoke, cost-effective, flexible, onshore EU alternative to offshore portfolio bonds that is easy to set up, simple to run and combines low costs with maximum investment choice.

FlexMax is provided by Cornhill Management - an independent investment product development company offering flexible and comprehensive financial solutions for investors globally. Cornhill Management is a Luxembourg-based fully-regulated and MiFID II compliant financial solutions provider dedicated to supplying a full range of investment services and products.

FlexMax is designed to appeal most to individuals looking for a tailor-made, flexible but comprehensive investment solution. It is an ideal Investment Account because its unique financial wrapper allows you to consolidate all your assets in a single portfolio, while giving you access to more than 37,000 funds worldwide.

FlexMax is available in two formats:
(1) Cornhill FlexMax Fund Platform (Direct fund platform) or
(2) Cornhill International Wealth Builder Account (Platform wrapped in a Gibraltar Discretionary trust).

With FlexMax you can quickly and easily switch investments to capitalise on investment opportunities while being assured of a superior level of investor protection through stringent asset segregation, meaning your assets are kept well away from any balance sheet risks.

Through FlexMax you can create an investment portfolio built to suit your needs and your risk appetite, normally with no entry charges.

As the name suggests flexibility is paramount… FlexMax is designed to make the complex simple so you can get on with the things that really matter.

Investment calculator

Simply enter your details and select the relevant product to find out what amount you might expect FlexMax to return at the end of your investment term.