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Cornhill International Wealth Builder Account (CIWBA)

A Trust linked lump-sum and regular investment solution to cover all the investment requirements of multi-generational families.

The Cornhill International Wealth Builder Account is our family office solution, providing a simple and cost effective investment platform to facilitate multi-generational wealth management.

The platform is designed to start future-proofing the financial wellbeing of your family with more ease, taking away the entry barriers which are common to similar solutions available today.

The Wealth Builder provides a one-stop family office solution with all the benefits of a Trust coupled with flexible investment options with relatively low initial investment amounts.

To build your wealth within the Trust you have 3 investment options:


You can invest a lump-sum amount on its own, creating an investment account using Cornhill’s unique open architecture investment platform. Through this platform, you can purchase any security with an ISIN (International Securities Identification Number), ensuring you get maximum choice and flexibility. Usually, open architecture platforms such as this have high entry investment requirements. The minimum investment here is GBP 50,000 (USD70,000/EUR65,000)


Alternatively, you can invest in a regular investment plan only. This option retains complete flexibility for you as you get to decide what and when to save on a monthly basis with no penalties for missing contributions (we only request that the overall target investment is met at the end of the term). It also allows you to withdraw any excess above 10% of your target investment amount if needed, making this a good vehicle to save for big-ticket items. The minimum regular investment amount into this plan is GBP 1,000 each month.


Finally, you can invest a lump-sum and a regular investment amount, giving you a one-stop solution for all your investment needs via an open architecture investment account and a regular investment account. The minimum up-front investment is GBP 30,000 (USD 40,000/EUR 35,000) followed by GBP 200 (USD 300 and EUR 250) each month.

Instead of having different vehicles for wealth building, succession and estate planning, the Cornhill International Wealth Builder Account offers all three in a single product. You can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out when you are gone, and that those nearest and dearest to you will benefit in the way that you want them to.

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